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Int. j. adv. appl. sci.

EISSN: 2313-3724

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Volume 4, Issue 9  (September 2017), Pages:  174-179

Title: A review on lean maintenance through various implementations of total productive maintenance models

Author(s):  Tan Ching Ng 1, 2, *, T. X. Yang 1, Ming Chian Yew 1, Lip Huat Saw 1, Ming Kun Yew 3, Kah Pin Chen 1


1Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Selangor, Malaysia
2Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia
3Department of Civil Engineering, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Selangor, Malaysia

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TPM is the main tool used to perform lean maintenance and studies have shown significant increase in business performance upon successful implementations. This paper mainly reviews the lean maintenance through effective implementations of TPM. This includes the background of lean maintenance, objective of TPM, benefits of implementing TPM, TPM models, implementation barriers and factors of success to overcome these barriers. Recommendations for improving the cost effectiveness for TPM implementations are also included in this paper. 

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Keywords: TPM, Lean maintenance, Business performance

Article History: Received 1 February 2017, Received in revised form 3 August 2017, Accepted 5 August 2017

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Ng TC, Yang TX, Yew MC, Saw LH, Yew MK, and Chen KP (2017). A review on lean maintenance through various implementations of total productive maintenance models. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 4(9): 174-179

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