International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences

Int. j. adv. appl. sci.

EISSN: 2313-3724

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Volume 4, Issue 8  (August 2017), Pages:  98-103

Title: Successive approximation method for solving (1+1)-dimensional dispersive long wave equations

Author(s):  Saad A. Manaa *, Fadhil H. Easif, Bewar Y. Ali


Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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In this paper, we study the (1+1)-dimensional dispersive long wave equations which describe the evolution of horizontal velocity component u(x,t) of water waves of height v(x,t), and solved it numerically by successive approximation method (SAM) to compare with Adomian’s decomposition method (ADM), we found that SAM is suitable for this kind of problems also its effective and more accure than ADM. Mathematica has been used for computations. 

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Keywords: Successive approximation method, Adomain decomposition method, (1+1)-dimensional dispersive long wave equations

Article History: Received 30 March 2017, Received in revised form 8 July 2017, Accepted 17 July 2017

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Manaa SA, Easif FH, and Ali BY (2017). Successive approximation method for solving (1+1)-dimensional dispersive long wave equations. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 4(8): 98-103


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