International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences

Int. j. adv. appl. sci.

EISSN: 2313-3724

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Volume 4, Issue 7  (July 2017), Pages:  124-128

Title:  Preservice teachers’ twenty first century learning skills: Three different majors of study

Author(s):  Prasart Nuangchalerm *


Faculty of Education, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarkahm, Thailand

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Twenty century learning skills are important to learners for living in today and tomorrow. This study aimed to study and compare preservice teachers’ 21st century learning skills by different majors of study. Panel participants were preservice teachers, 38 of general science and 20 of English bachelor program who enrolled curriculum design and development course, 35 of social studies bachelor program who enrolled classroom management and learning environment course. Data were collected by preservice teachers’ 21st century learning skills questionnaire. Mean, standard deviation, and One Way ANOVA are employed for data analysis. Findings indicated that they had 21st century learning skills at high level. Program of study had no differences, but the element of skills had significantly differences at .05 levels of statistics. 

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Keywords: Learning skills, Preservice teacher, Instruction, Perception

Article History: Received 15 March 2017, Received in revised form 14 June 2017, Accepted 15 June 2017

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Nuangchalerm P (2017). Preservice teachers’ twenty first century learning skills: Three different majors of study. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 4(7): 124-128


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