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Int. j. adv. appl. sci.

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Volume 3, Issue 7  (July 2016), Pages:  1-6

Title: The dynamics of ideas, tradition, and the Chinese house in 1900 in the Tegal

Authors:  Hartanto Budiyuwono

Affiliation: Department of Architecture of Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia

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Since 1719, the Chinese settlements already exist in the seaside town of Tegal. In 1895 the settlement was moved to downtown Tegal by the Dutch government. Chinese people build their own homes, with home form that is different from the houses of the Dutch, or the homes of locals. The uniqueness of this charming home for further study.  Using a qualitative methodology, related through literature, and the survey that was performed in the china of which there are still, can be traced to this idea, the dynamics of, tradition, of the Chinese house. Motifs, ornaments detail construction, shape of the building largely in line with the building of the country of origin, but the zoning change room according to the ideas, local traditions. 

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Keywords: Idea, Tradition, China house

Article History: Received 21 March 2016, Received in revised form 15 June 2016, Accepted 19 June 2016

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Budiyuwono H (2016). The dynamics of ideas, tradition, and the Chinese house in 1900 in the Tegal. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 3(7):1-6


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