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 Volume 7, Issue 8 (August 2020), Pages: 28-33


 Original Research Paper

 Title: Performances evaluation of a photovoltaic energy system for lighting storage

 Author(s): Salah Al Ahmadi *


 Department of Electrical Engineering, Islamic University in Madinah, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

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 * Corresponding Author. 

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The increasing energy demand in the world and the pollution of nature directed the researchers to develop the axis of the renewable energies. The electricity production via these sources of energy offers a bigger safety of supply to the consumers while respecting the environment. For that reason, the principal objective of this paper is to study and to size a system of storage by photovoltaic intended for the lighting. We considered the variety of solar equipment occurring in these installations, such as solar panels, solar batteries, and conditions of the sites of installation (period of sunshine and temperature). Our approach of sizing is based on the modeling of various components describing the functioning of every part of the installation, among others. We can mention the production, consumption, and the storage of energy through a solar battery. 

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 Keywords: Photovoltaic energy, Modeling, MPPT, Sizing, Battery, lighting storage

 Article History: Received 1 September 2019, Received in revised form 7 April 2020, Accepted 30 April 2020


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 Al Ahmadi S (2020). Performances evaluation of a photovoltaic energy system for lighting storage. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 7(8): 28-33

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