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 Volume 7, Issue 6 (June 2020), Pages: 76-81


 Original Research Paper

 Title: Assessment of occupational health and safety in school buildings: A case study of Arar town

 Author(s): Faris Abdulaziz Alfaraidy *


 Faculty of Engineering, Northern Border University, Arar, Saudi Arabia

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 * Corresponding Author. 

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The area of occupational health and safety is of great concern to everybody in education facilities, because of the increasing number of accidents in the schools' area. This study aims to determine the occupational health and safety measures in school facilities in Arar, KSA. A questionnaire survey was developed, consisting of questions that inquire about the occupational health and safety dimensions that measure the main variables. The study targeted population are teachers, students, and administrative persons who are currently working in school facilities in Arar town. A convenient sample of 1500 school facility members identified in a random selection process and the respondents have completed 1372 questionnaires in the early year 2019 through school facility members who represent 91.5% of the total sample and then administered and analyzed by computer software (SPSS). The study concluded that all hardware such as the requirement of civil defense existed in a school facility, but the software such as training and awareness is less cure in the school facility. 

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 Keywords: Arar, Automatic alarm, Emergency exit, Fire extinguisher, Fire hose, Ventilation

 Article History: Received 17 December 2019, Received in revised form 13 March 2020, Accepted 15 March 2020


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 Alfaraidy FA (2020). Assessment of occupational health and safety in school buildings: A case study of Arar town. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 7(6): 76-81

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